Children's Car Seat Recycling Program

Tracy’s Collision Centers recycle tens of thousands of pounds of plastics, metals and cardboard every year. In doing so, we have identified a recycling need in our community that we can be of help with. You see, many of the materials used to construct child safety seats are very similar to those used today in the construction of vehicles.

Routinely each year, thousands of child safety seats are sent to the landfill because there have been no other alternatives. In an effort to keep child safety seats out of the landfill, Tracy’s Collision Centers have started a child safety seat recycling program.

We would like to encourage parents to be aware of the expiration date on seats and their history. Child safety seats that have been used in accidents should be destroyed. More information about child safety seats can be found at

Tracy’s Collision Centers accepts child safety seats that have expired, have been in car accidents and are no longer in use. This service is provided without any expense to the owner. The car seat is disassembled and the materials are sent to be recycled.

You may drop off your out-dated or damage child safety seat at either Tracy’s Collision Center during regular business hours.

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