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What to do after an accident Tracy's Collision Center
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What to do after an auto accident

Tracy's Collision Center - Sensors & Safety

Tracy’s Body Shop requires every vehicle they work on to have a safety system scan. This way they can be sure that their repairs have returned each vehicle’s safety systems to pre-accident conditions.

Tracy's Enhanced Estimating Process

Tracy’s Enhanced Estimating Process takes more time to look at your vehicle before completing an estimate.This allows them to make a comprehensive repair plan, often resulting in quicker turnaround time for your vehicle.

Getting A Head Start on Learning

Tracy’s partnered with the Community Action/Head Start center in Lincoln to provide daycare and education for pre-school children living in poverty.

Tracy's 10 Years of Recycled Rides

For 10 years, Tracy’s Body Shop partnered with State Farm and Community Action to repair 1 to 2 totaled vehicles a year and gift them to deserving Lincoln citizens. The Tracy’s Body Shop family donated their time and effort as part of their commitment to the community of Lincoln.