Lincoln Children's Museum Exhibit

Tiny Town of Big Imagination

The Lincoln Children’s Museum recently completed it’s largest renovation project in more than a decade. Now open: Tiny Town of Big Imagination!

This kid-sized community includes 6 updated exhibits and two never-before-seen exhibits at Lincoln Children’s Museum including Tracy’s Collision Center Mechanic’s Garage. These exhibits feature kid-friendly, state-of-the-art technology that takes play and learning to a whole new level! We are a proud sponsor of the Lincoln Children’s Museum, a true jewel in our community!

Ranked by Child Magazine as one of the top 25 children’s museums in the United States, Lincoln Children’s Museum is an immersive environment where children and families combine learning with play. These two elements are fundamental to a positive childhood experience and a successful future.

Countless adventures await you when you spend time at Lincoln Children’s Museum! Every visit offers a new opportunity to grow, learn and connect as a family. Three floors and more than 23,000 square feet of hands-on exhibit space make for an incredible place where children of all ages will learn, create and explore.

In the Tracy’s Collision Center exhibit the traditional parent-child “out in the garage” bond gets a head start. A conversation that begins with tools, colors and shapes can easily turn into, “Will you help me change this tire, Dad?” Touch-screen technology at the paint application station allows little mechanics to unleash their creative side. They can choose a type of vehicle, select a paint brush and personalize it with their favorite color. And the experience wouldn’t be complete without an official Tracy’s Collision Center uniform!

A life-long love of learning begins when children are young, and that is why Tracy’s Collision Center is a proud sponsor of Lincoln Children’s Museum. Your little one will be out of the car seat and behind the wheel before you know it. Make the most of these precious moments and ignite your own childlike wonder. Explore, create and play in an environment that’s tailored entirely for the young… and the young at heart!

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